Brian's FreeBMD Scan Syndicate Sign Up Instructions

Although it is possible to use other programs to transcribe the downloaded scan images the programs shown in my instructions page have been specially designed for the FreeBMD transcription process.

First created March 2001
Last revised on 9th June 2014
Copyright © 2001-2014,


Transcription Software

Thanks for your interest in supporting FreeBMD.

The instructions below detail the action you need to take to become a volunteer transcriber for ‘Brian's Scan Syndicate’.

To enable you to upload records to FreeBMD you will need to register to obtain a Submitter ID.

You can choose your own Submitter ID. You will then  receive a Submitter ID e-mail (which may take up to 24 hours or so). This will detail the action required to start transcribing. Please print out your Registration details and keep them in a safe place for future reference.

As soon as you complete this, I receive an email detailing your submitter details.

 I am then able to allocate a page you to transcribe. Pages are downloaded from the internet. These may be viewed or printed by most graphics programs, including those supplied as part of Windows. 

If you do not have a suitable program, you will find links to enable the download of a suitable program in my help page referred to below.

 When we are both happy with your transcription, I will allocate further pages at your request.

To assist me in record keeping you should request no more than you can transcribe in a month.

I suggest that you download the appropriate transcription software using the links I provide in my instructions Web Page.