Read This as a New Transcriber

Please read these key instructions before you start to transcribe your first page.

If you follow the above you will not have too many problems. I check each file when you send it to me so many errors will be detected.

Copyright © 2001-2014, B.M.Smart

Updated 30th April 2014

Access to the scans is available here.

In addition to the above, two other links will be found useful:

2.  Transcribers' Knowledge Base (TKB) at:

1.  Hints and Help For Beginners at: 

You first need to download and install the program you wish to use to transcribe the scans. Three options are available:

WinBMD: A Windows based program that is used by the majority of transcribers.

MacBMD: A program designed for the Mac computer

LinBMD: A program designed for the Linux platform.

Having installed the program make sure that you enter the header information in your transcription program of choice Using the links below:
WinBMD Header Information
Header information
LinBMD: Header details are not available at the present time.

You must transcribe the indexes from the scans exactly as shown. Do not interpret them in any way.

If you are unable to read the index with certainty use the 'Uncertain Character Format' listed in the Key Instruction Rules. See Rule 2
 Make sure you add the end +PAGE,nnnn entry as specified in Key Transcription Rules rule 5.