Updated on 2nd August 2015

First Created on 2nd August 2015

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You may find adjacent similar errors , e.g.: in a misspelt surname – which can be corrected at the same time.

You may find it convenient to put the Correction System in one half of your monitor screen with File Management in the other half.  This saves having to switch from one to the other.

You will see on the Select Corrections screen that you can change the order of the list of corrections. This is useful to list your files in filename order so that two or more corrections to a file can be completed at the same time.

Please remember to contact me if you have any query about the procedure above or if you are uncertain about the requested correction.

Brian Smart     


See: Key transcription rules

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Corrections System  –  Notes for Transcribers

With thanks to Ted Southcombe

These notes will guide you through the procedure for undertaking corrections submitted by users of FreeBMD.  The corrections will be sent to you either directly from FreeBMD or via myself.  

You can view corrections relating to your files by either using the link provided in the notification email or by going to https://www.freebmd.org.uk/cgi/show-corrections.pl

Log on using your usual Submitter ID and Password.

On the Select Corrections screen, click on the Display Corrections button (leave all boxes blank).   

You will see a list similar to the following but including all of your required corrections.

CorrectionID   User      File               Syndicate                     Submitted                   Owner      State          Flags

346957-1995    BrianS    90M30040      Brian's Scan Syndicate    27/03/2015 13:33:30    BrianS       Assigned

Clicking on a highlighted CorrectionID takes you to its Details screen.

 Make a note of the File name, the Entry name and the proposed Correction

Clicking on the highlighted  File name will take you to the transcribed file with the entry requiring correction highlighted.

Clicking on the highlighted  Possible scan(s)  will open the scan image (Note that there may be more than one scan listed. Look at them all if that helps to confirm that the requested correction is valid).

Decide if the requested correction corresponds to the FreeBMD scan.  If it does open your File Management at https://www.freebmd.org.uk/cgi/bmd-files.pl and log in if required.  Find the file and click on the  View/Edit  button and make the required correction

 Click on the  Send  button

Log out of File Management  (unless you are carrying on with more corrections)

Return to the Correction  Details screen  (lower part)

 If you agreed and corrected the file click on the  Correction Completed  button.

If you find that you cannot agree to the proposed correction because it is still not clear on the scan (TWYS always rules) or for some other reason then select a reason from the list and then click on the  Correction Rejected  button.

Log out  (unless you are carrying on with more corrections)    

Other Thoughts

Many of the corrections will involve poor scans and confusion between for example 0/8, H/M, o/e etc Obviously you should follow TWYS but do re-examine the scans especially if a choice of two scans is offered on the correction details screen.

It may be best to try to use other UCFs whenever possible rather than just an  _  or  *.  e.g.[08] gives the searcher some hint as to what the unreadable characters might be.