Deaths June 1979

Dates of birth sometimes do not include all the details and may show dates like “About 1900”. If WinBMD has an error message, please ensure you are using the latest version of WinBMD  (8.1 at the present time.) This group of scans need to be transcribed such that the filename is in the WinBMD filename format. This means that the transcription needs to take place using either WinBMD  or MacBMD.

If there are some identical entries, just transcribe them all in the usual way.

Please ensure that you select the formatting options: Surnames, Forenames and Districts as upper case. The date of birth entries can be entered in upper case with no difficulty.
An example of the filename is 1979D2A0001.BMD.

If you have a query, please contact me before you start.

Updated on 28th May 2016

First Created on 28th May 2016

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