How to complete WinBMD  header fields?

Please note: Not following these instructions is the biggest single cause of transcribed scans needing correction. Please follow them line by line until you are certain of the correct action.

The header entry page is automatic if you do not choose to continue with a previous batch.

  1. Event Type = Marriages Births or Deaths.
  2. Year = four numbers e.g. 1945.
  3. Quarter March, June, September, December  as required.
  4. Select Scan from the options provided..
  5. Page: This is the last four numbers of the scan file name. e.g. If the scan filename is1962M1C0123, enter 0123. If the scan has only 3 digits add a leading zero.

  6. Letter:
    You must add the first letter of the first surname of the start of the data. 
  7. Volume number format
  8. Source/Scan Ref 
    Enter the Source, as provided in the allocation email.
  9. Comments: No comment is  required
  10. Your Name: Add your name.
  11. Syndicate (or country): add this syndicate name i.e. Brian's Scan Syndicate. Enter this exactly as shown.
  12. Email Address = ( whatever is your E-Mail address )
  13. Submitter ID and Password : These are used to allow uploading of files direct to the FreeBMD site. The entries are those you selected when you registered with FreeBMD. They are not added in any way to the files created by WinBMD.
  14. When the 'OK-Start Transcribing' button is selected please go to Options and follow the instructions that follow below.
    Ensure that the 'SpeedBMD Filename format' option is DESELECTED
    Ensure 'Auto Surnames in All-Caps is SELECTED'.
    Other options may be selected to suit your way of working.

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Updated on 25th January 2013.
First Created on 5 March 2001

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