How to complete SpeedBMD  header fields?

Please note: Not following these instructions is the biggest single cause of transcribed scans needing correction. Please follow them line by line until you are certain of the correct action.

With SpeedBMD Use "Start a scan batch" (F7).  Use the tab key to move between entry fields.

  1. Event Type = Marriages Births or Deaths.
  2. Year = four numbers e.g. 1845.
  3. Quarter Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec  as required.
  4. Scan is automatically added to the next field.
  5. The next field will initially show part of the transcribed file name. Four characters are automatically added, you add the last four digits. This is often the last four numbers of the scan file name. e.g. If the scan filename is 41M4-B-0026.gif  then 0026 is added to make 41M40026. If the scan has only 3 digits add a leading zero.

    Some scans filenames are grouped on separate web pages according to the first letter of the surname. Where this is the case special action is required to adjust the 'Page' number according to the group the scan is listed in. As an example March 1840 scans are in three groups A-C, C-N, and O-Z. If your allocation comes from this type of web page then you must check the special instructions before you start.

  6. Batch Created and updated should have a date already entered that makes sense. 
  7. Volume number format
  8. Caps Surname = Yes
  9. Skip Dist = No. 
  10. Name = Your Name (as in Brian Smart)
  11. Password = password (this is not used, so just leave the word  'password', do not reveal your own password)
  12. Syndicate = Brian's Scan Syndicate
  13. Email Address = ( whatever is your E-Mail address )
  14. Source/Scan Ref 
    Enter the Source, as provided in the allocation email.
  15. Comments: No comment is  required

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Updated on 4th September 2007.
First Created on 5 March 2001

Copyright © 2001-2003, B.M.Smart