How to complete MacBMD header fields

Click on Entry Info.

  1. Enter your Email Address
  2. Do not enter a password
  3. Select SEQUENCED
Click OK.

Click on Source Info.

  1. Enter Year
  2. Select Quarter
  3. Number/FreeBMDRef field: Enter the Source code as detailed in the allocation email.
Click OK.

Select Surname Caps.

Unless otherwise advised the file should be saved in the form YYEQ****.SCA
YY = Last two digits of the year.
E = Event   i.e. Birth (B), Marriage (M) or Death (D)
Q = Quarter 1,2,3 or 4 for March, June, September and December
**** = Unless the following paragraph applies,this is entered as the last four numbers of the scan file name. e.g. If the scan filename is 41M4-B-0026.gif  then 0026 is added to make 41M40026. If the scan has only 3 digits add a leading zero.

Some scans filenames are grouped on separate web pages according to the first letter of the surname. Where this is the case special action is required to adjust the 'Page' number according to the group the scan is listed in. As an example March 1840 scans are in three groups A-C, C-N, and O-Z. If your allocation comes from this type of web page then you must check the special instructions before you start.

Don't forget when you save the file, it must have the ending '.sca' e.g.

Post 1937 files must be saved using the WinBMD filename format e.g. 1944M1D0123.BMD

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Updated on 27th May 2009.
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